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the goolie
I figured it was time for my ohhhh annual or so check in. ha! Well I'm pretty caught up on dstroy & fam's move...maybe i'll stay up late reading about the rest of you next week. :)
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...I leave for New York. Then 3 days later, I leave for India. I will soon post about how that came to be, and what is planned. I'm getting nervous!!

Edit: Please note, I will be back. I don't have aspirations to do Tech Support over there or anything. ;)

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Yes, I am going down to the India Festival today. I'm not afraid of a little rain, and I'm interested in getting a small peek at Indian culture...

What's new with you? :)
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And Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

And to the Dad's and the rest of you.... have you had your click today? ;)

Save The World - One Click At A Time!

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I've been walking / jogging (well, I"m not jogging of late, 'cause my knee is rather tweaked) and I'm tired of my workout mix. I want something that runs about 30-40 minutes, with some more mellow warm-up tunes....a good chunk of faster stuff for 20ish minutes, and goes into a gradual cool-down.

I know I'll have Rollins Band - Shine, Nirvana - Breed, and maybe some Rage at the plateau, but I'm looking for ideas for filler. It doesn't have to be "rockin'" but just in that range of "bpm".

Ideas? sock it to me, rockstars!
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Not sure what the heck is up with me tonight, but for some reason it seemed perfectly natural to come home, put on some Miles Davis and start cooking. Dear god, I'm becoming my mother afterall!

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Current Music: Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

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Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know, they're apes. But semantics aside, these are awesome creatures and it shocked me to learn that there are only 700 left on this planet!! How f'ed up is THAT?! It baffles me to no end how lame some of us (read: humans) can be, but then of course I read something uplifting about some others of "us" who care and are making an effort!

This is a great article about what looks to be a great organization (http://wildlifedirect.org/) and I was so impressed by what the kids in Colorado were doing! Why don't more of us make a small sacrifice and help in situations like this!?

There are tons of animal-related organizations that need donations, and equally as many that help with the environment, women's rights, human rights...you name it! And with so many people out there that don't have much (clothes, food, shelter) what would it hurt for the rest of us to lay off our latte's or happy hours, bring lunch for a week or resist buying those new shoes and donate the money we save to someone who actually NEEDS it. I'd say that's a very small price to pay and while it might not be much, if we all did it, it would be....and that's a thought that helps me sleep just a little bit better at night.
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C'mon eyelids, please get heavy! I am not amused.

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OMG I'm so out of it!! I busted through some finals, found a contract job, had strep throat...hmmm... that about covers the hectic stuff. Things are falling into place a bit which is nice. I'm working downtown again and ready to mingle again so who wants to do happy hour?? Next week maybe? Or whenever, if I have a day or 2 notice....would be fun to catch up with some of you.

And I will be perusing some LJ today/tonight and trying to catch up, but if anything realllllly exciting is going on, leave me the news here, ok?? Word. And happy friday! *meep*
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Oh my f-ing god... so I am working on my friend's computer (she let her virus protection lapse ohhhh 6 MONTHS AGO!!) and had to reinstall the OS, etc. Finally got the programs loaded on it a bit ago and while it was rebooting, I got up from the couch to get some more coffee.

In the ohhh 2 minutes I was away, Milo decided to jump onto the keyboard and proceeded to fucking break 3 keys off! OMG. I am just sick. I am not an expert in the laptops so I don't know if there is a special Geek Tool to use to get the key back on the little spring plastic thingy (that is the techy term) or what, but they are not snapping back into place no matter what I've tried. *sob*

It's an HP 4900 series laptop, is not under warranty, and has officially driven me crazy. Ideas anyone??

This is yet another reason I do not have real children. Ugh.
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